Current Events
Caledon Dressage in the Park - June 2022
Wits End Eventing Kindergarten II - June 3/4/5 2022
2022 Wide Bay Interschool Regional Championships - RESCHEDULED
MDHT Twilight Eventing - June 1
ACT Dressage Association Official Competition Sunday 29 May 2022
DCSA Horseland Adelaide May Show
DFHRC Unofficial Dressage Competition Series 1- Sunday 29th May 2022
Greenbank Pony Club Dressage & Combined Training Day 2022
Macarthur Working Equitation Competition
MARC Competitive/Participant Comp Inc DQ Foundation AAOR series, EQ and IQ
Muddy May Competition
SEG Competitive, Participant & Club Dressage Event
Singleton Dressage - Unrestricted & Competitive May 29th
Toowoomba Official Competitive Event - Sunday
Young Dressage Assn Inc Training Competition
ACT Dressage Association Practice Day (ACTDA and EA members) 28 May 2022
Bunbury Horse and Pony Club May Dressage
Southlands Spring Dressage Show
ACT Dressage Association TEST EVENT
Centreline Dressage Gold/Silver/Bronze - May 27th - May 29th 2022
CWDG Official and Closed Unrestricted Competition
EGCC Members & Participant & Protocol Day 22nd May 2022
GEC Saddleworld Dural Dressage Competition
LEGs Members ONLY Dressage 22nd May 2022
Mid South East Dressage Club 2022 Winter Series Round 2 Official
Northern Districts Hack & Dressage Official & IQ Tag On Dressage Day
UHDA Members Day May 2022
VDC Open Competition (Winter Series, Part 1)
WDAWA Fundraising Fiesta Show 2022
Western Dressage Association of Vic - 22 May 2022 - Competition - Ayr Hill
Zone 3 Official Dressage
DNB Gold & Bronze Dressage Show #1
Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group- Comp/IS/Participant/Club SJ/Dressage/CT
Hygain 2022 Darling Downs & South West QLD Interschool Regional Champs
Eventing Academy MAY - THU XC Schooling, FRI All Phase Schooling and SAT EA HT
Grafton Riding Club Inc. Virtual Dressage Competition
Reining Test Event For Ravinder
WDSEQ Test Event