Riverina Working Equitation

Registration Information



Welcome to Riverina Working Equitation Club where inclusive and engaging instruction for children and adults alike in the disciplines of working equitation are delivered. The Club generally meets one Sunday a month with sessions planned in advance and notice given on the Riverina Working Equitation Members Facebook Group which is a private group for current and previous financial year members only. You will be invited to join this group when your membership application is processed.

For other important information please see below;

  1. The Club operates under a Constitution adopted from the NSW Fair Trading Model Constitution as required under the Associations Incorporations Act of 2009. An electronic copy of the constitution is available to all members by contacting the Club Secretary.
  2. The Club from time to time will prepare and accept through general meeting By-Laws to the constitution. An electronic copy of Riverina Working Equitation By - Laws is also available to all members by contacting the Club Secretary.
  3. As a Financial Member of the Club you are a member of the Committee, all members over 18 years of age have voting rights at any recorded club meeting. Club Meetings will be advertised on the Members Facebook page.
  4. The Club is a Financial Member of Equestrian Australia (EA) and hence all EA rules for behaviour, instruction, equipment and attire are to be observed. For more information on Club Membership please visit https://www.equestrian.org.au/Membership-structure
  5. The Club has Club Insurance with Equestrian Australia underwritten by GowGates. For more information in what is covered by this Club Insurance please visit http://www.gowgatessport.com.au/equestrian/ . RWE recommends that members hold at a minimum personal Ambulance Cover in the absence of Private Health Insurance.
  6. The Club is affiliated with Australian National Working Equitation Limited (ANWEL). The Participant Rulebook for ANWEL can be downloaded from the following link http://www.anwensw.com.au/rule-book.html . The Rule Book is updated from time to time hence it is practicable to use the link to download a version from time to time to ensure you are reading the most current version. If you are unable to download, please contact the Club Secretary and they will download a copy and email as an attachment. In the ANWEL Rule Book 2019 V2.3 Section 7.2.3 details bit regulations.
  7. Club Uniform consists of the RWE Navy Shirt/T-Shirt with turquoise logo or RWE Turquoise T-Shirt/Shirt with navy logo to be worn with bone/navy moleskins/jodphurs/breeches or blue denim jeans. The club saddle cloth is also navy wool with turquoise trim and a turquoise logo. Both the T-Shirt/Shirt and saddlecloth are available to purchase through the Club. Club Uniform is required to be worn during Club Competitions.
  8. In regard to Club Training Days the Club has determined it is not compulsory to wear the Club Uniform however it is expected that a Collared T-Shirt or Long-Sleeved Shirt be worn (singlets are not accepted at anytime while riding). Helmets are not compulsory for riders over the age of 18 years. RWE recommends however that should you choose not to wear a helmet then please check that your personal insurance still affords you coverage.
  9. Footwear must be enclosed; joggers and gumboots are not permitted when riding. Please choose sensible footwear for your own safety.