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Quercus Park


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POSTPONED - now 18th Oct

new entries taken til 11th Oct

Quercus Park Sunday Oct 4th 2020

An unofficial, FUN competition for people with green horses through to those jumping EvA95. This is not judged like a One Day Event. We have special rules to encourage riders to drop back to a lower height if they are having trouble, enabling them to continue but get penalty points. The winner is the one with the least points.

  • For TEA (NTEC, NWEA or STEA) members only
  • We need to be Covid-safe. Do not come if you are unwell in any way or have flu like symptoms. Everyone, including those not riding, will need to sign in on arrival and out on leaving
  • 9am start
  • Entry via the first gate (next to Page’s property)
  • Casual dress but tagged helmets and level 3 body protectors required (Helmet tagging will be available)
  • No canteen. Please bring your own food and drink.
  • Ribbons to 4th place. Special prize for the most “creative” cross country attire!!

The Competition

Maximum of 2 jumping classes PLUS the roads and Tracks if wanted. Riders can choose to do just the Roads and Tracks twice or any one class twice. If the same class is done twice only the first round will be judged for the competition.

  • Class 1 Roads and Tracks: There are no jumps in this class. The route will take you around the jumping course through flags/ markers. It is judged on closest to the optimum time with a speed of 250m/min. This class will be useful for green horses who haven’t been out much, so that they can have a good look at everything but can also be done by any horse competing on the day.
  • Class 2 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 0cm to 50cm Speed 250m/min
  • Class 3 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 50cm to 65cm Speed 300m/min
  • Class 4 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 65cm to 80cm Speed 325m/min
  • Class 5 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 80cm to 95cm Speed 325m/min

How is this judged?

All classes are judged on optimum time. All have the gravel road as a part of the course which is to be done at the trot and the optimum time will take this into account. Time penalties 0.4 penalties per second over or under optimum time.

  • Each cross-country jump will have the 4 class heights close together and If you clear the highest in your class no penalties.
  • If you have a refusal you get 20 penalties, then you have a choice: rejump that jump and keep going with no further penalties or choose the next height down and gain 10 penalties if you jump it . Should you have a second refusal at the either jump there are 40 penalties incurred.
  • Each show jump will be set at the highest height in your class. A knockdown is 10 penalties, a refusal 20 penalties and 40 penalties for a second refusal. Should you choose not to rejump that show jump you can go around it via the Roads and Tracks path but gain 20 penalties.
  • Once you have 2 refusals at any jump you MUST do the lower easier option
  • Once you have 4 refusals over the whole course you are eliminated
  • If you are eliminated you can continue on along the Roads and Tracks course to the finish.


$50 per horse for 2 classes plus/minus the Roads and Tracks class


Help Needed!

You are strongly encouraged to come to a working bee on Saturday 3rd October to help set up. This will give you a head start on the course!! Please, everyone is to help pack up at the end of competition.

Come and enjoy a great day out with your horse. It’s all about having fun!!

Roads and Tracks
0cm to 50cm
SJ and XC jumps
50cm to 65cm
SJ and XC jumps
65cm to 80cm
SJ and XC jumps
80cm to 95cm
SJ and XC jumps

Event Notes


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Sue Walton
Sue Walton

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